ITALY 2019

In the summer of 2019 we decided to look for the sun in Italy. We visited the big cities of the north. We completed the tour with a few stops in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

USA + CAN 2018

Every once in seven years Symbolica crossea the Atlantic for a tour through the USA. 2018 was no exception, so we went off with over 50 boys on a journey of three weeks through the USA and Canada. We visited New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto... and so much more. Staying at our host families in Michigan was a fantastic and educational experience.


It had been a while since Flagdancegroup Symbolica had landed in Poland. Beautiful cities and great performances guided us through the country, from north to south. Warshaw and Krakau, the two major cities of Poland, could of course not be left out. After a final stop in Leipzig, Germany we returned to Genk, tired but satisfacted.


La douce France! This year we searched for warmer regions in southern France. With the classic french villages in the background we gave everything we got on stage multiple times. From the impressive castle of Carcassonne to the deep blue sea of Marseille: all the best our southern neighbours got to offer!


Great journeys don’t always take place far from home! In 2015 we looked for joy in our own backyard. After visiting the Westhoek and the Netherlands we granted London with a visit. The conclusion was, as is tradition, in Echternach, Luxemburg, by the beautiful lake.