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Royal titel

We are honored to be able to inform you that we can now carry the Royal title. A reward for everyone who has worked for the group in the past 50 years.

Old-members and old-leaders

Now we exist 50 years, we would like to collect the data of as many as possible old-members and old-leaders. Use the link bellow to leave your data behind.

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Flagdancegroup Symbolica is a youthful organization that combines contemporary dance with flags. Symbolica brings an attractive program of flag dancing, in which the frivolity of moving flags unites with the robustness of the musical rhythm, pushing them to break their boundaries. Flagdancegroup Symbolica is a group of about 50 boys between 11 and 18 years old. The group was founded in 1969 in the school ‘Atlas College’ located in Genk, and is still connected to that school.


A typical show consist of variety of different styles and contains around 20 choreographies. Shorter performances are also possible.

With creations like “The guy and the flower”, “Symbolica”, “Allegory”, “Temporale”, “7200K”, “Rhythm & Flags”, “Vooruit”, “Symballoo”, "Impulse", "Back&Forth" and "Perspectief" the boys already performed over a thousand times in every corner of Europe, and even in the United States.