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BENELUX + Londen


A tour a little bit closer to home, but nevertheless as great. With visits to amongst others Gent, Amsterdam and London we got served a giant plate of culture. Besides all the culture, there was plenty of room for free time in which there were loads of rest and football. To top it all, we performed at the ‘museumplein’ in Amsterdam. Click the picture to start the photo slide.



Last time we visited Scandinavia was already long time past. This time the journey brought us to Danmark. Loads of performances aside, we enjoyed the enormous cultural wealth. In Copenhagen we even briefly visited the world-famous amusement park ‘Tivoli’. We also got to perform in the cultural surroundings of the ‘Tall Ships Races’, which was a nice experience for a lot of our boys.

Germany + Austria


This tour we discovered the native German speaking countries. That way München and Vienna could expect themselves a visit from Flagdancegroup Symbolica. Also worth visiting was the Eagle den from Hitler in the Alps. Off course it wouldn’t be a successful tour without some astonishing performances.

The Eastern Bloc


A tour through 5 countries and 3 capital cities, in which we gained a lot of cultural knowledge. Besides a visit to Berlin, Budapest and Prague we visited the UNESCO-protected Plitvicka lakes. In spite of the huge amount of travelling, there was plenty of time for relaxation and performances.


Flagdancegroup Symbolica always travels by bus. In this bus, the boys are entertained by 'Radio Symbolica, travel in style’ There is also a possibility for the boys to buy drinks. A party in the bus is also part of the game, the lights are dimmed and the boys can dance to the music of DJ Koen.