1. Heidefeesten

    24-25-26 August 2018

    The ‘Heidefeesten’ are local festivities organized yearly in the city district ‘Bret-Gelieren’. The cooperation between the Heidefeesten committee, youth movement ‘Chiro Bret-Gelieren’ and Flagdancegroup Symbolica results each year in a weekend full of family fun, amusement and partying.

  2. Social gathering

    27 October 2018

    The first group activity of the year is a throwback to the past year. By showing a mesmerizing video- and photoreportage the whole group gets carried back to the fantastic tour and other activities of the past year.

  3. Card night

    17 November 2018

    Every year, Flagdancegroup Symbolica organizes his card evening. The game of the evening will be "kwajongen", sometimes also known as "trump cards". The best kwajonger will go home with a great prize, the other players with other great prizes.

  4. Restaurantweekend

    16-17 Februari 2019

    Every year in February or March Flagdancegroup Symbolica organizes a restaurant weekend. That weekend, the best mussels, steaks and chicken filets are served by our leaders and dancers.

  5. Performance SGC Houtekop

    15 April 2019

  6. Genk Danst

    27 April 2019